De Quick Trip to Detroit

On our way to the heart of ‘Murica and the Indy 500, we had the chance to stop and check Michigan off our list of 50 states. We booked a hotel in Indy months in advance but knew that flights were going to be tight, so we flew into Detroit. We didn’t have a lot of time, but we were able to see a lot.

After landing at DTW, we rented a car and drove west to Plymouth, a really cute town near the University of Michigan, to meet a girlfriend of mine and her family for dinner. We met at the Sardine Room in the central town square, Kellogg Park. There was a concert going on in the park and we had to wait a bit to get an outdoor table, but it was worth it. The night was warm and we drank Moscow Mules and had seafood as the sun set, watching families eating ice cream cones on the grass while the band played. The only thing that kept it from being an entirely saccharine, Pleasantville moment was that the band was playing the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. For us, that was perfect. Highly recommend Plymouth.



So cute, right?

We headed back toward Detroit for our hotel, The Henry, in Dearborn. Oh god, was this place cute. It was like sleeping in a museum. Original artworks lined the walls of the lobby, the restaurant, and their reception hall (there had been a wedding that night and we totally nosed our way around). Real artwork, too: actual Chagall and Rembrandt mixed with modern and local art. It was amazing. We played the age-old game of “which one would you buy?” for a while and went to bed.


My new favorite hotel

The next morning we explored downtown Detroit—Bricktown, to be exact. We weren’t the only ones, though, because brunch lines were around the block. So we ended up in a slightly obnoxious coffee shop and went back to exploring.

We cruised down the wide Woodward Avenue toward the water. Detroit is a really walkable town, and despite concerns about safety, criminals must also love brunch, too, because everything was fine. We walked down to the water and did a little boxing with the Monument to Joe Louis. We cruised the Detroit Waterfront, taking advantage of the steps and outdoor seating areas while we waved at Canada.




We also walked through the Buick/GMC Headquarters complex. Rick took the opportunity to teach me a bit about the Indy 500 race we were headed to. I admired the pretty cars, retained very little information, and then we got on the road.



GM Headquarters

It turned out to be a road covered in deer carcasses. You’ll hear all about that, and how we enjoyed the Indy 500, soon.


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